How to Choose the Right Accountant for Your Business

How to Find the Right Accountant for Your Business

Obviously; It's indeed an herculean task when it comes to choosing the right accountant for your business, in fact, so difficult, that it has turn to hard nuts and a thing of a running joke in the business world.

Why Do You Need Accountant in Your Business?

Most time, some business owners do choose an accountant for their business when they encounter financial challenges and the business, have become so enormous to handle without calling an expert for help.

You may also want to better the financial abilities and functions of your business, perchance, your accounting software may not be providing the real type of data you are in need of to build your business, thus, you need a certified accountant to handle, with care, the business with you.

Do you experience any difficulties in choosing the right accountant for your business? Are your business financial statements inaccurate, inadequate or incomplete? If yes, these are all really good reasons to choose look a Certified Public Accountant for your business.

Choosing the right accountant for your business is one of the highly needed decisions a business owner can make. A good accountant can save you and help you grow your business; in the same vein, a bad one could easily cost you a loss. For this reason, you have thousands choices to choose from, this is a daunting call to make.

When it comes to choosing an accountant for your business, what are the smart and required questions entrepreneur should ask or duties to perform in other to make the best choice? I shall however, unravel the mysteries behind the most informed actions you are to perform before choosing the right account for your business.

Why Should I Employ You?

Hiring, employing or choosing an accountant for your business could be more important than taking on many members of staff, if you choose the wrong person, you could miss out on some things you ought to know.

During the hiring/choosing process, the key thing you are to ask is how the accountant will increase and add more value-- financially-- to your business. Among the aspirants, choose someone who will be able to act as a partner to your business.

If chance, you can let them demonstrate the already acquired skills and the knowledge on how to help a business.

Therefore, relax and take your time cum adequate research. Advisably, by meeting with at least four candidates prior to making your final choice. The fundamental questions that should be asked while this meeting is ongoing is their “QUALIFICATION”

First, before choosing the right accountant, ask the selected candidates about the qualifications they've acquired so far, and press further if those certificates are regulated by any professional body.

However, choosing an accountant to handle tax advice and/or return preparation, entrepreneurs usually choose the accountants who are licensed and certified.

Here are few of the qualifications you might look out for:

A certified public accountant (CPA) who obtain an undergraduate degree, plus, met the exam and all the experience requirements for the state certification.

A certified public accountant must take the continuing education courses to maintain the certified and licensed.

A certified management accountant (CMA) that's trained to meet the requirements and demands of today's accounting in addition to participating in the industry's management team.

As with a CPA, a CMA he/she must pass the exam, gain business experience, and obtain the continuing education credits.

Above all, you need to decide what type of qualifications your able accountant should have. A non-certified accountant -precisely- maybe who you need to help you handle your business' financial analysis, statements and bookkeeping.

How to Pick the Right Accountant for Your Business

Lastly, accountants are supposed to be a tested and trusted advisor to your business. They are the chief counselor to the business family, a cleric and a priest, and mostly, they are involved in many aspects of the business, thus, the relationship is supposed to be a trusting one. Choosing a trusted and reliable one could be done through “REFERRAL”

Choosing an accountant for your business, seek for names or referrals from friends and family or from people who are in similar industries as yours. Never keep mute instead, voice out that you are seriously looking for a reputable accountant in your company.

Word of mouth should never be over emphasized; it is in fact one of the sure ways to fish and identify a good candidate to manage your business account.

In conclusion, your business trade association is also a good resource. Since you are planning to choose a reputable accountant for your small business, endeavor to get the word out to your close acquaintance and relatives.

How to Build a Strong Personal and Business Brand

How to Build an Attractive Personal and Business Brand

Which one would you love to brand first, your business or yourself? How are you going to achieve that without stress or thoughts of how to go about this?

There are inevitable fundamental ideas which you must work towards before thinking of any other information. You need to have an eye opener.

Branding could be the corresponding label that set you different from other business. If you have a product to market and you felt letting the whole world to know more about it is the best, you're branding yourself as well as your business.

You could go as a person standing as the CEO or manager. In such prospect, you are publicizing your business as well as your reputation.

Without much ado, you can base your branding rank according to how effective your communication is.

Are you thinking of how to build a successful business and personal brand? Do you want to distinct your brand from any other competitors? Ten to one yes! Then you need to have the brain power by setting that your business and personal brand in such a way that there will be 99.9% proclivity of setting the best attractive business ever;

Own A Legal Business

You must have been expecting me to say advert or whatever but it's a disenchantment if I didn't say it.

Wait, do you think you can ever elevate or promote a business which isn't registered or legalized. You must not think of promoting or marketing your brand if you haven't set things right.

The best is to have a business that worth boasting of. Bill Gates of Microsoft office, if his business isn't legal, no one would know him talk less of transacting with him.

So, the first step of having an attractive business and personal brand is to run a legal business because, you cannot set the difference if you don't have the right business that it takes to let the whole world know you. Go for a legal business first!

Possess The Ultimate Idea

One thing that always make you ahead of other business is the overall power of ideas.
Tom's shoes that provides a child pair of shoe when he needed one is a brand set by Blake Mycoskie, the CEO of Tom's shoes trademark.

If I ask you who is Blake Mycoskie, you might not know or hear of that name before but you be sure of his brand, that is the power of having a powerful brand upheld by ideas.

If you are truly curious and you can kill the ignorance by reading this, then setting the right business endorsed with pure ideas could lead your business as well as your personal brand to next level. Don't forget, true ideas pave way for attractive business and personal brand.

Ask Yourself the Great Question

When you keep asking yourself how to build an attractive business and personal brand simultaneously, you need to keep the lid open by asking yourself these questions;

What do people want from me, my ideas or myself? 
If I have the ideas, will they like me too? 
If they like me alone, what of my business?

Though those questions seemed trivia and cumbersome, but they are a must answer question if you know what you are doing.

Mathematically, it takes five seconds to like a person who brands himself. If people/consumers don't like you at all after the few seconds, all you need to do is to change your face totally, which seemed impossible, then you are sir they won't buy your product if they don't like you.

If they do, be happy your personal brand had been set while your business too is on its way. So ask yourself, I'm I capable to be love? Do I have the first impression? If not, you are only wasting your time.

Aliko Dangote of Dangote group of company Nigeria, has the zeal of elevating his business not his personal brand, probably if he tries to talk now. People might dislike him, which is deadly to his product, that is why, knowing and answering the questions is very important.

Be A Television Personality

I have fathom some basic changes that makes a business owner and his business different, it is the power of showing the world, they got all it takes to work it out on the TV.

Building an attractive business and personal brand on the television doesn't mean, you should be a presenter or a TV celebrity.

It takes your prospect to know the diversions when I say TV. You could start using, Vblog, skits, periscopes, blogs, podcasts and lots of others are parts of where to work things right.

Coming to the media doesn't mean you are doing it for fun. You are persuading the audience to run after your brand, visiting media houses that understand your intention is the best, and talking about your niche is what makes the difference.

Doing it without strategy is also detrimental to your business, be conscious on how you will manage it. Your business isn't you and you aren't your business, you are only representing your business to uphold its brand as well as yours.

Tell people the new problem you need to solve, you're solving and you'd solved, they'll feel relieved and want more from you.

Branding yourself motivates you to erect interrelation rapidly. It more or less offer you suppleness to revolve as you grow. It renders the pace to generate a community you can support.

Branding a business enhance your business power. It differentiates and gives the capacity to move away from the source hitting the nail on the head and moving ahead others.

Guide to Interviewing Executive Level Candidates

Unique Tips to Ask Questions When Interviewing Senior Executive Candidates

Have you gotten to that stage in your company where you need to hire executives? Are you looking for guidelines on the best way to interview executive level candidates? If yes, then this is the right article for you.

Searching for the right people to fill in executive positions in your company is one process that is both tedious and time consuming. This is because hiring the best candidates to fill executive positions does not end with number of degrees, certifications or experiences he or she has, it involves getting the right individual that is capable of fulfilling the role of an executive in your company.

Interviewing executive level candidates might even be frustrating because most employers come across candidates who are better on paper than in practice. Interviewing executive candidates might also turn out to be difficult when you end up liking a candidate who has a charming personality but you know he/she is not quite right for the job.

Interviewing executive level candidates could turn out to be less tedious and easier if you follow some of these guidelines.

1. Question Yourself

One important guide to interviewing executive level candidates is asking yourself certain questions.

You might be wondering, am I not the one who is supposed to be asking the questions? Well, if you are interested in getting the right candidates, you need to ask yourself some questions before you start talking to executive level candidates.

Some of these questions include; 

Can you clearly state the most important leadership your company requires from your executive level candidate?
If the right person is added to your team, how can you correctly grade what success looks like?
Who amongst your team of interviewers would serve as the culture evaluator during the interviewing process?
What are the essential qualities you are looking for from your executive level candidate?
Questions like these guides you when preparing to interview executive level candidates.

2. Prepare Yourself

Another guideline to follow when you are interviewing executive level candidates is adequate preparation. Preparing for the interview is a process that goes both ways. The candidates prepare and even the interviewer should also be prepared.

One thing that should be at the back of your mind when interviewing executive level candidates is the fact that the interview you are about to conduct is not meant for entry level candidates, rather you are interviewing people who are at the top of their game, and have attained enough experience to become pillars or executives.

Therefore, being well prepared to handle the interview is important. Research on your facts, details and numbers so that when you ask them “any questions?” you would have the right answers to give them.

Be prepared also to give special treatment or handling, which could range from holding the interview in a safe (safe from probably their colleagues especially when they have not quit their present jobs) or comfortable location, to refusing to fill forms and would prefer to talk about their experiences verbally.

3. Ask only Questions worth Asking

Another guide to interviewing executive level candidates is asking the right questions. Since you have already established the essential qualities you are looking for in an executive, your questions should be directed in such a way that you can determine if the executive level candidate possesses such qualities or not.

The questions should not be direct or straight forward because they might have already-made answers for you. Hence it is better to twist the questions. For example, if you are interested in knowing their culture and values or leadership styles, instead of asking directly about their culture and values, ask them to tell you the leaders they admire and why?

This makes it difficult to give an already planned answer as they might not be sure of what exactly is your goal of asking such a question.

4. Look for Stories rather than just Ideas

When interviewing executive level candidates, it is important to tell them to back up most of their response to your questions with a story. This is because almost everyone can pretend or claim to be the right executive for the job but not everyone can back it up with facts.

Ask the executive level candidate to back up his or her response with an example or an experience. The details of such stories or experiences would give you more insight to who your candidate really is and how fit he or she is for the job.

5. Make each Encounter Personal

Taking a personalized approach to the interview is another guideline that should be followed when interviewing executive level candidates. Check out what they have been up to on social media, find out what articles, news or publications have been written about them as this helps you understand their personality and how to approach them during the interview.

Make the interview process more of a discussion session rather than a question and answer session. These would make the whole process easier, turn it into an exchange of ideas and thoughts, releases tension and helps you know your candidate better.

When choosing the right executive level candidate, it is important to be as careful as possible as one mistake could lead to hiring the wrong candidate which critical for your company.

How Important is Local SEO to Your Small Business?

Importance of Local SEO to Small Businesses

Have you been seeing online internet marketers talk about the important of SEO and you are wondering what the important of SEO to your business?

Small Business Local SEO Benefits
Local SEO is the powerful search engine optimization that powers any mobile viewer or visitor to view your web based on Google current location and categorization.

Basically, while building a local SEO for your business you need to consider numbers of this questions;

Local search engine optimization (SEO) for small business websites

What is local SEO relevance and dominance to your business? 
Why do your business need SEO? 
What do you stand to gain from its knowledge? 
If you don't have a local SEO, what are the consequences?

Definitely, you might be exhausted of the questions, but you need to answer them if you really need to build a better and outstanding local SEO.

Local SEO is a web agent, a very vital and key element that always distinct businesses from each other. It helps people to have access to your web content about your business and brands right from their smartphone and mobiles.

Here are various important of local SEO to your business and how you can profit from it.

Why Local SEO is Important For Your Business?

It Brings Customers to Your Web

I'd done diverse numbers of research and I had looked steadily to how important local SEO is to your business.

Discovery showed that, 85% of viewers and visitor do search your address through your company or brand to know how your business is run, where, when, and how your business is available.

For organic SEO, you can be exposed to multiple websites and blogs while searching. But for local SEO, you can only be able to view numbers of site that are probably around you.

Exemplified, you might want to search for details about Nike products or company history. When you type the content as "Nike", the search engine optimization will fathom if you are in Germany and will definitely bring the nearer content-filled sites to your mobile view.

And now you can imagine the numbers of patronage you will get or have if they can view what they need to know.

Online Recognition

Take time to think of this; if you wholly have a definite local SEO that direct people to your website, it is thousands upon thousands important to your business as people will get to know more about your business.

What matters a lot is that, having a strong local SEO, you will give people the ability to visit your web, craving for more recognition.

Be technical in working out the best fitting and related local SEO for your business, it's a strategic tool needed to market your business online.

High Rated Website

Though this is a minimal reason and how important local SEO could best serve a business but it is part of what you need to know.

If you probably have ten thousand visitors at the end of a month who have made the implementation of local SEO and they really felt the satisfaction they needed.

There is tendency that out of the ten thousand, five hundred online visitors can physically patronize you leaving the enormous rest of visitors on deliberation of coming.

It is an issue of unending joy, if you can build recognition offline and can't still omit that of online. Don't you see it's cool?

Definite Destination

Building online reputation of local SEO is like working out a gigantic home for your business online as well as making a true and definite destination to refer people to.

You will always have the rest of mind that your business has what it takes to flourish online in the coming years when offline marketing will be too exorbitant to run.

I guess you know heartedly that offline advertising prices like radio, T.V and lot of others are becoming high and that is why you need to be ahead of the end woes of your business. Local SEO is the solution! Go for the goal that worth the time and money.

Being Ahead of Competitors Without SEO

As a business owner be it online or offline, building your online local SEO will lead to upgrade of your business.

Do you know why? You will always set the difference when people tends to visit you online and you keep marketing online, while your competitor would be competing with you offline. Clear difference!

Yes! You have savored the new idea like no other. Now the big question is; How can you set your local SEO?

Basically, there are several methods you can probably use in setting your Google local SEO. Here are few tips;

Set Google Places

There are always clear distinctions between a website with local SEO and the one without. Set your business name, contact information and details, address and signal system.

It is important to create a powerful Google place so as to ensure peoples' satisfaction when typing the keywords pertaining to your web.

Make Use of Reference Keywords 

If you are owning a driving school, while writing your keywords, ensure you include the word "driving school".

Summon Visitors to Leave Comment

Create a cogent button and areas where reviews could be written, to encourage your moment.

How to Start Haulage Business in Nigeria

How to Start Haulage Business in Nigeria

When I was a little boy travelling with my parents, I have always wondered why we passed so many trucks, trailers and tippers on the road. Sometimes, they carried drinks, sometimes stones, sand, some were covered with me having no idea of what was in them.

One day I asked my dad, “Dad, how come there are always so many huge vehicles on the road? Sometimes they cause traffic and other nuisances on the road”. He said, “my dear, that is haulage, lots of goods and other products are being transported from one place to the other every single day!”

Wow! I thought to myself, everyday? So, many goods transported and so much money to be made. From my young age till now, the haulage business has continued to thrive, with new factories popping up everywhere in Nigeria, petrol stations, new houses under construction, and so much more, the services of haulage company’s/haulage drivers are always in constant need.

Haulage business in Nigeria involves so much more than moving goods from one place to the other. Firstly, there are different types of haulage business in Nigeria as well as different vehicles needed for each type and if you are interested in haulage business in Nigeria, you need to firstly define what your niche are and select any these types. The different types include:

Tippers Haulage

This is the most common type of haulage business in Nigeria. Tippers of different sizes are loaded and used to transport granite or sand from sea to construction industries or building sites in Nigeria.

Tanker Haulage

Another popular type of haulage business in Nigeria is tanker/petrol haulage. Tankers are used to transport products such as kerosene, diesel, or petrol from oil companies to petrol stations. Since Nigeria is an oil-producing country, it is one type of haulage business in Nigeria that is highly productive.

Trucks Haulage

This is another common type of haulage business in Nigeria. Different sizes of trucks are used to transport goods, containers or cargo from one destination to the other.
Now, you know the different types of haulage business in Nigeria, how then do you go about starting yours? Here are some ways…


One way to go into haulage business in Nigeria is by starting your own haulage company. This is actually very expensive but you stand to gain millions from it. You will need trucks, tippers crane or tankers depending on the particular type of haulage business you are interested in.

You will also need good drivers, your own vehicle maintenance specialist and also decide the routes you want to be covering. It is also important to get your company registered.


Another aspect of haulage business in Nigeria is leasing haulage. Here you would least your haulage vehicles to companies, construction sites or customers who want to transport stuffs. They would provide their own drivers, diesel and any other thing needed.

You get paid for leasing out your haulage vehicle. This is actually less stressful as you do not need to put in much effort as long as there is a valid agreement between both parties.


Another way to go into haulage business is by being a middleman between haulage companies and customers or haulage companies and drivers. In this type of haulage business in Nigeria, you either provide haulage companies with good drivers or connect customers who want to transport items to haulage companies.


There is virtually no business without hiccups and the haulage business in Nigeria is no different. So if you are interested in going into haulage business in Nigeria, you need to consider the following…

Bad Roads

The bad roads in Nigeria is one little setback that affects haulage business in Nigeria. This however can be curtailed by having good haulage vehicles, following safer routes (if possible), and ensuring that you properly maintain your haulage vehicles.

Bad Drivers

The drivers of haulage vehicles are also another hiccup in haulage business in Nigeria. Some drivers are dishonest, unserious or fraudulent. Most drivers are the reason why some haulage companies fail as they are capable of running down and ruining a haulage business in Nigeria.

This can be curtailed by employing peeps you trust, properly interviewing them before handing over your haulage vehicles to them or you could get good managers to help you monitor and control your drivers so your haulage business in Nigeria would not face mishaps as a result of bad drivers

Capital Intensive

To start your own haulage company requires millions of naira. This is what discourages most people from going into it. The cost of one truck alone ranges from three to twelve million naira and you do not need just one.

However, if you can get the money, either from bank loans or raising it yourself, it is one business in Nigeria that you won’t regret embarking on.

Haulage business in Nigeria remains one of the best business ideas that under good management one would not regret going into it as there is so much money to be made from it.

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How Freelancers Make Money While Sleeping


Are you a freelancer that will like to make money even while asleep? Making money from home as a freelancer while you sleep may not seem easy as it sounds but I will show you it is possible.

With a little bit of work ahead of time, there are many ways that you can learn to make money while you sleep. This is known as passive income, once it is all set up, all you have to do is sit back and watch the money role in.

Money seems to be almost everyone priority right now because they have discovered that there is not always enough to pay the bills and still have something tangible left for luxuries.

They don’t only want to make money freelancing but want to make it even while sleeping. How to make money while you sleep has never been easier as a freelancer. There are a number of ways from which you can retire to bed at night, and wake up with money in the bank.

Here are ways freelancers make money while sleeping;


1. Sell Information Products

One of the most popular way freelancers make money while sleeping is through having a blog that does some simple job for them. with a blog you can build an online empire that can help you build an offline empire.

If you are an expert on a certain subject, or there is something that you know how to do really well, there is a huge market for information. Put your experience into an eBook, audio or video course and put it out for sale.

You don’t need to be awake doing the selling yourself, there are software that can do the job starting from interacting with your buyer, collecting payment and delivering the product.

You can also choose to sell your information product on other online market place or stores. If selling an eBook is the way that you want to go, Amazon Kindle is free to get started with and sells all over the world, giving more people access to your brain power.

So, while you are at sleep, people are reading your sales letter and are making decision to buy. They take action by clicking the buy button and make payment, and instantly they get the product. And all you do is wake up and check your email to see PayPal alert of sales from your product while you were sleeping and snoring.

2. Arbitrage

The theory behind this is simple. You are basically the “middle man”. You need to market a service that companies are willing to pay large amounts of money for, and then put together workers with employers.

You receive a certain percentage of the money that is paid to the freelancer as if you were a broker. Some of the in-demand services on the web are editors, writers, data entry, typists, and graphic design. If you have it set up properly, the employer pays the fee directly to the employee with your percentage taken right off the top.

You don’t need to do any work here, you just link potential freelancers with clients and get paid for it. While the freelancers are awake working to deliver the gig so you and them can get paid, you are there having fun or sleeping.

3. Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

Multi-level marketing is still one way freelancers make money while sleeping and you want to know how? They work their ass at the beginning to recruit highly motivated individuals and build their team to where it can stand on its own without their 100% support.

After a freelancer has successfully built his or her team, they now teach them how they too can recruit others and build their own team. By doing this, the freelancer gets paid anytime any downline register anybody or purchase the company’s product.

Multi-level marketing has gained a bad name over the years since it is closely related to being a pyramid scheme. However, if you have done your research, and you believe passionately in the product that you are selling, you are on the track to getting others to join up with you.

The way that you make money is simple-- You sign people up and get paid on the sales that you generate, and on the sales that they bring in.

4. Blogging

Do you know that you can make money while asleep with blogging as a freelancer? It is very simple but require a lot of hard work at the initial stage. You create a blog, publish rich, engaging and unique content.

You drive traffic to the blog using either social media or PPC. After which, you go sign up for Google Adsense. You get the Adsense code and paste it into your blog. Whenever someone visit your blog, you get paid for it.

The best way to make money from this is by having an email list with loyal subscribers that you can share your content with for views. The more traffic you get to your blog, the more money you make.

Optimizing your blog for SEO will even make it better to get organic traffic. So, you can be sleeping at home while people are on your blog reading your content and at the same time you are making money.

There are literally many ways freelancers make money while sleeping. All you really need to do is find the one that is best suited to your experience and needs, and then go for it.

Best Financial Goals Everyone Should Follow in 2017

Good Financial Goals You Should Set This Year

I can vividly remember that when I was broke back then, I was told by financial expert that I needed to set a financial goal if I want move from survival stage to a stage of abundance and to be successful financially.

Do you have a financial goal? I was also told that the first to managing your money is by having financial goals. Your goals help you to guide your finances on a daily basis. You have something that you are working towards every day. You plan and follow a budget, using your goals as your map.

Without your financial goals, you don't really have the proper motivation to get out there and save. Without a plan, you aren't getting anywhere. If you don't set financial goals, you may never see financial independence.

If you want 2016 to be your best year, here are 7 top financial goals you should be following in 2016:

1. Debt Free Living

No one like the life of being a debtor and getting out of debt should be your first financial goal for 2016. You can do it. It just a matter of determination. Set aside money each and every month to clear your bad debts. I know there is a good debt and bad debt. This context is all about bad debt.

Bad debts are credit cards, car loans, personal loans etc. Formulate a plan to clear these debts as soon as possible. You will never have financial freedom if you continue to fork out on high interest rates every month.

As you pay off your debts, you become financially free both in mind and in spirit. Debt is like a parasite that eat up your money and leaves you with remnant for you to survive with. This should be your number one financial goal on your list.

2. Build an Emergency Fund

This is a very important financial goal. Financial experts and gurus advised that part of your salary should be saved in a separate account and not be touched except for emergency purpose.

This is a short-term goal with long-term benefits. It can take way the worries of not having money when emergency situation arises since you know that there is money somewhere. You should have an emergency fund as per your lifestyle and job profile.

3. Planning Early Retirement

Don’t think retirement is still far off and should not be a thing to bother about. If you laugh at the idea, soon enough you will become old that you will need to rest and start enjoying the fruit of your labor.

At some point in your life, you will surely retire either to stop working or need to stop working. Saving for retirement gives you the freedom to pursue professional or personal interest at age 60, 70 and beyond.

As you are working, make it a monthly financial goal to put some percentage of your income in an investment account that grows yearly and leave for as long as you work till you retire.

4. Creating Multiple Streams of Income

This is another important financial goal for 2016 because with the present economy, one can’t maintain a good lifestyle with one stream of income. Multiple streams of income are how millionaires became who they are today. Having multiple streams of income is like an income insurance that you don’t need to depend on one stream for you to continue living.

If you are working on a job for a company, having a side business that rake in some amount of money monthly or weekly is not a bad idea. Having more than one stream of income help support paying the bills and improve your lifestyle.

5. Insurance Cover

Planning towards having an insurance cover is one thing smart people do. Some people don’t have a lot of coverage for either their life or properties. Health and life insurance is the most important of all the insurance you should have.

Having a life insurance is a way of protecting your family over major loss since you left them with something they can rely upon. You can stick with any low premium car insurance policy if you can afford it.

6. Start Investing

Make 2016 your year where you will start investing in any investment vehicle your money can afford or an investment of your dream. The quickest way to start up an investment account is to meet with any professional investment coach to help you choose the best one according to your income level.

You should start reading books about investing. You should visit a book store near you and get any books written by authors like Robert Kiyosaki, Robert G Allen and many others. If you plan your investment very well, you may not have to work anymore because the interest on your investment can take good care of you.

7. Leaving Behind a Well-Planned Legacy

However, you live your life, it should be your life goal to leave this earth fulfilled. Your financial goal should roll towards this kind of life. there is nothing better than leaving your family with lots of money in the bank and properties they can inherit.

What kind of financial legacy do you want to leave behind? Whatever your answer is to this question should be included into your financial goal for 2016.

In conclusion, reaching a point of financial fulfillment is neither a luck nor magic. It is simply a matter of setting good financial goals. Once the plan is established, it becomes easy to follow through.

Achieving these financial goals will help you live the life of your dream in the future!


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